Saturday, May 1, 2021

Original Art Sundays (Saturday) No. 280: Troia

 Well, hello.

It's been a while. About 10 months!

Hope you've been well.  Not easy to do in '20-'21.

Life got in the way of art. I bought a new place, worked two jobs (academia and healthcare) throughout the continuing but abating pandemic, and slowly... slowly... set up a new drawing space. Trying to be pragmatic about balancing needs and desires, as is our way (at least on a good day). But I love my place, and I love my art space. It's much smaller than my previous space, but much more efficient for the type of work I do.

I've opened up to doing The Work again. A few pages in, I'm not satisfied enough with the results to officially post them. Also been teasing new (and new old) ideas, but I'm keen to finish the graphic memoir as a first priority.

While my plan to focus more energy and effort on the project(s) takes shape, I thought you'd like an older piece. This has been posted elsewhere, but not as a stand alone artwork here.

I did this for my old friend Joel Thingvall, to contribute to one of his Wonder Woman galleries. This is the era of Donna Troy/Troia I like best- 80s Perez Teen Titans. She still had connection to Princess Diana, but was coming into her own.

In retrospect, the torso twists in a slightly odd way, the face is a bit flatter than I might like, and that left hand is not doing exactly what I would like it to. But overall, it works and I'm happy with it. The matte is part of the piece because of the text. I always equate anything related to Wonder Woman to the concept of wonder as joy, more than wonder as spectacle.

And I really like that little symbol on the tip of her right index finger. I've drawn that thousands of times- the slightly asymmetrical extended cross, whose cross beams are defined by curves. It will show up as an important symbol in a future project. 

I know, promises, promises.

For now, just enjoy this.

The materials are very simple: bright ink paper, pencil, eraser, brushes, a touch of Photoshop.

Next: no promises, but I am working.