Friday, May 21, 2010

Eddie hits town

In 2008, I was in San Diego to present a paper at ComicCon.
While walking through the Top Shelf booth (more like a small store inside a big one, very impressive booth), this tall gent with a shock of white hair starts talking to me in the most delightful accent- British, but yet not.
After a couple minutes, it dawns on me- holy sh*t,  I'm talking to Eddie Campbell.
Needless to say, I picked up a couple books- his then-new one, Monsieur Leotard, and the new hardback reissue of From Hell.

Delightful gent. Such a fun, unexpected chat. Well, that's Comic Con for you!
Flash forward to the start of this semester. During the Liberal Arts meeting, my chair asked if there were any other suggestions for next year's guest artist/speaker. Without thinking, I said, "Oh, Eddie Campbell!" This was met with puzzled looks from everyone except Frenchy Lunning, who went nuts over the idea.
Well, after a vote and some wrangling, we got him.
Eddie Campbell is coming to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design next spring.
I count this as personal coup and hope to be able to introduce him when he gives his mandated lecture.
Rather than footage of Eddie speaking (he's quite engaging), here's an odd little film he made.

Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips

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