Sunday, February 12, 2012

Original Art Sundays no. 115: A Private Myth, p. 23 (final)

Well, what's going on here? Original art Sundays on a Sunday?
For a change, yes.
Finally completed the backgrounds for the next page of A Private Myth. I posted roughs of this page here months ago! Oh, the shame, the perfidy!
Here's the elusive next page:

The story is heating up. While the pace has been lackadaisical, this is deliberate and is a setup for a major plot element, initially alluded to about ten pages back.
Astute readers will note some major changes between this and the roughs, notably in the pacing of the bottom tier. The central panel of that tier is key to this plot point.
The skyline of Portland in the top tier is actually from photo reference. The sign is not. I'm going to need to make a trip out there before I go to press on this to check accuracy of some stuff, since I've not been there for almost a decade!
I'm speaking on Works In Progress at MCAD on Thursday at noon, and so am attempting to amp up my art schedule, if for no other reason, to get my head back into the studio mindset.
Next: a new Cowgirls page.