Sunday, March 24, 2013

Original Art Sundays no. 150: Surrealist Cowgirls, p.15

Here we go again! Finally remembered to scan the page.
Completed next week's page along with a scan of some long overdue past work, so good to go for a few weeks again.
As you recall, our stalwart band had jumped into the miles of solid crystal inside the pyramid and were slowly falling through said crystal.
On they go...
I had some issues rendering a pattern on the floor/ground, and decided to go with a random pebbling, a sort of loose cobblestone effect. You can still see the intended large tile pattern through it, but it looks plausible.
The story is building to something big.
As the story builds, I think the tone/direction is changing. I originally thought of the Cowgirls as advanced silliness drenched in the surreal, like Milt Gross's work. But I'm coming to see them as comedic adventure a la Bone.
That remains one of my favorite books, so I can live with that.
Next week, page 16!