Sunday, April 17, 2011

Original Art Sundays #88: Tranny Towers, p. 15

On schedule, and eager for the next round!
Here's another page that gave me no end of fits with the details.
The publisher, Lavender magazine, insisted on art to size. My production options were limited to Xerox at the time, so I was reduced to Kinko's.
The result was that the Zipatone in the title bar, intended (obviously) to simulate a credit card, muddied in copying. I was finally able to correct it with a scan.

However, the image was a bit oversize for even a large scanner bed, which resulted in some edge cropping that needed correction.
If and when I do go to press with a collection of these, I'll do more production work on this page first. Interesting set of anomalies, working across technologies like that.
In narrative terms, I thought this page was a nice break from the heaviness that the storyline had held in recent episodes.
Next: whatever is up in the rotation, I think it's the next page of A Private Myth.