Sunday, August 22, 2010

Original Art Sundays #55: Tranny Towers strips 4 & 5

This week was full of prep for my Comic Book History class (I start teaching again tomorrow, which always feels like coming back to life!), and writing my article on GLBT portrayals in underground comics for the Midwest PCA.
As such, no new work again this week.
I've allocated a whole day for studio this week. This should allow me to finish the partial page posted a few weeks ago, and to complete the new page I've been laying out in my sketchbook du jour.
Meanwhile, please enjoy two more pages of Tranny Towers. The Valentine's ceremony depicted took place at Metropolitan Community Church, one of two local GLBT Christian churches. The text comes from the original ceremony. The male/female couple in the front are a quick loose riff on Reed Waller and Kate Worley of Omaha fame.
Please view full size for a better reading experience!

Starman,waiting in the sky...

Jack Horkheimer has passed away at 72.
He was hokey and corny, but he made science accessible, and his enthusiasm inspired us all. I used to see these on PBS every now and then, and was always fascinated, as much by his energy as the content.
Horkheimer wrote his own epitaph.
"Keep looking up!"