Sunday, February 7, 2010

Original Art Sundays, No. 28: TranScending, pp. 3 & 4

A bit off schedule this week. The next page of A Private Myth is on the board, but I had some time issues. Also having issues coming up with an interesting layout, as it's a dialogue heavy page.
A rough week. I also didn't make Foot in the Door, but my commitment to it was flagging, so I suppose it's just as well.
Meanwhile, please enjoy these pages from the start-and-stop epic TranScending.
These pages of TranScending were done for the PRISM Guide a few years ago. They said no sex, and I went a bit too far in making them tame. Still, I rather like the last panel on p. 3, and the tabloid on p. 2 is an homage to both Daria and Omaha the Cat Dancer.
I have approximately 12 more pages of this done and scattered about. This is a carryover from my attempt at emulating Omaha. Originally the central character, Athena, was a skunk. That's how she appeared in the Tranny Towers strips from 1994-95. 
Just for fun, here's an old Tranny Towers strip. This one appeared in GAY Comix #25.

Note the Gentle Giant quote in the last panel. 
I should post the rest of these just to get them out there.
New page again next week, for sure, and thank you all for your patience!