Saturday, July 4, 2009

In Celebration of Everyone's Dream

You'd never know it if this blog is all you know of me, but I was quite the rocker in my day (she wheezed). The first real rock concert I ever went to was a 1969 Steppenwolf show, followed some months later by Hendrix.
Of course, a few months prior thereto, I attended a performance at Carleton College in Waukesha, WI, by the Dave Brubeck Trio (at the tender age of 15!), establishing a lifelong pattern of musical iconoclasm and inconsistency.
While my politics have tempered a bit since my days of protesting the Vietnam War, I still believe in fundamentally the same things: life, liberty, happiness, basic freedoms- you know, that leftist nonsense about all people being equal.
In that spirit and in the spirit of the day, I offer this Steppenwolf number, one I've always enjoyed and one whose effect on me remains undiminished.
Happy Fourth of July, Americans!