Thursday, August 25, 2011

Original Art Sundays (Thursday) No. 99: Tranny Towers, chapter 20

The move proceeds apace.
I have a place located, a lease signed, a yard sale coming up, a new teaching job starting on Monday, my second job is picking up steam, and I have begun (by inches) to pack.
And stuff to throw away. So much to throw away!
Still no time to draw! Aargh!
So to tide you over, another Tranny Towers chapter. I'll post something different next time, just for variety.

This one turned out pretty well. If and when I do a definitive print collection of these, I'll probably redo all the lettering digitally.
The geometry and harsh angles of the painting were fascinating to me.
I also really enjoyed playing with the mastheads on these. I guess I got bit by Will Eisner! Then again, who didn't?
Next: something else, as we close in on the move!