Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hey kids! WIN Alarmingly Bad Comic Art!

Hi, folks.
According to the counter on the side, I've had over 9600 readers of this blog to date.
The cynics and naysayers try to persuade me that most of those are robot hits (which must really hurt, them being metal and all).
But I say thee nay! I know at least some of you are out there in flesh and blood and all the icky bits contained therein!
So here's what I'm agonna do.
Fanfare please....

(Of course, that's not my work, but John Byrne doing two of his best characters in the style of the late great Don Martin!)
I have two back to back summer teaching contracts starting on June 10.
Post a response to ANY post you've read at this blog on or by that date. If you like what I'm doing, hot socks! If not, let me know that as well.
I will post all responses in their appropriate topics, and the Top 5, judged by arbitrary criteria like most insightful, most challenging, most fun, or closest to what I had for breakfast, will win. Each of the Top 5 posters get a signed copy of my first comic book from 1994, Ink Tantrums No. 1, along with anew piece of art for each.
Ink Tantrums is the book that my friend Katherine Collins said had "alarmingly bad art". She did, however, praise the writing endlessly. And she really liked all of my follow up book, so there was some vindication.
This book also contains the first appearances of the Surrealist Cowgirls.
I'll do a piece of original art for each of the winners as well, and will do something a bit better than Alarmingly Bad!