Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, let's not do THAT again.....

What a rotten day.
Whenever anyone tells you that, the natural inclination is to discreetly sidle away.
But since you're tough and you're still here, I'll tell you about it.
Got very little sleep last night, due to finalizing my grades for spring semester. Running late this morning, barely got them in on time- rushing to honor my responsibilities to a job that's ending (well, short term, anyway). What a conflicted feeling.
Not one, but TWO pieces of bad financial news on top of that.
So, tired, cranky, more than a bit demoralized.
Ah well. Made myself a decent meal and listened to some CDs I'd not heard for a while, including Horslips' Aliens, the second Peter Gabriel, and The Decemberists (covered here by Marianne Faithfull), whose new one still needs to reach my ears.
Now as I fade out, laundry done and mundanities contained sufficiently to face another work week, I bumbled upon a YouTube of two people I was blessed to see perform together two summers ago.
The day can either end or end well. I offer this in the hope of the latter, for all of us.