Monday, July 1, 2013

Original Art Sundays No. 158: Jury sketches

I'm pleased to report that the next page of The Surrealist Cowgirls is completed, and will be scanned this week for posting next Sunday.
For this week's offering, here are some sketches from the jury box of the trial on which I recently served. I will make a separate post later this week discussing the case itself, with some accompanying comics!
These were all done in ballpoint pen on yellow legal tablets.
There are still occasional illustration jobs doing courtroom sketches. There are some courts (like this one) where cameras are not allowed, and newspapers and magazines still occasionally hire courtroom artists, though the practice is dying out.
I did about 70 sketches during the trial. I may organize them into a comic of the trial at some point down the road. But now, here are the most interesting of them.
Prosecutor, opening remarks
Judge Kyle
Key witness, day six

Same prosecutor
Prosecution Witness, Day Three
(nowhere near as mean as this sketch makes him look!)
Diagram of Ponzi scheme, Day three
Key witness, Day three
Key witness, day three
Key witness, Day five
Cross-examination by defense, day six
Defense witness, day seven
Witness from SEC, day six
Defense attorney

Defense team, day one
Prosecution witness, day two
Prosecution witness, day two

Defense Attorney
Defense witness, June 4

Defense witness, June 4

Defense witness, June 4

Key defense witness Frank Vennes

Defense witness, June 5
Defense witness, June 4
(this was the sweetest guy, just did a bit of accounting work for the defendant,
got no cross-examination, for which the entire jury was grateful!)
Prosecution closing remarks
Defendant during closing remarks