Sunday, October 2, 2011

Original Art Sundays no. 103: The Road to Heroism

Back at it after three weeks!
The move is done.
I am about half unpacked.
I have completed two job contracts, and still have four (counting writing jobs).
I've begun to go through my art supplies and get rid of old unusable stuff.
The space allocated for studio use in my new place is much smaller, but I think I will use it more efficiently than I did the old space.
Now, the long overdue story, The Road to Heroism, previously unpublished and seen by only about half a dozen people before now.

Wow, that kid's one sad character, in every sense!
Page 2 is a mediocre Berni Wrightson swipe. If I ever go to press with this, as part of an anthology book, I'll rework that page first.
Other than that, this is an opportunity to play with superhero stuff a bit. I didn't spend much time trying to draw superhero stuff after junior high school, and I just wanted to have a little fun with it.
Also, I know a nuclear plant would be much more securely guarded than that.
next: depends. I unearthed a trove of back work, but I harbor hopes of getting back to the boards soon. The Cowgirls await!