Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prog rock from India: motherjane

I haven't posted much of a musical nature for a while, but this is making the rounds of the Gentle Giant list.
What with my housemate's devotion to the land of India, posting this seems a good idea.

As so much of music is really about moving energy, can it be any coincidence that forms meld in the Far East, the seat of Buddhism, Shinto and Krishna?
Here's some more on Motherjane!

Original Art Sundays # 32: A Private Myth, p. 8

So nice when all the pieces fall together.
Technical notes: this page was done entirely in tech marker and crowquill. The gray values are the same trick, grayscale marker with a box blur added in Photoshop.
For the next page, I'm going to try to structure it entirely in shadows, or as much as possible, stealing from the masters Krigstein and Rude.
Plot- wise, things are moving forward. Slowly, slowly. Remember, this IS a novel, and we're on p. 8!