Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Original Art Sundays #46 (Wednesday): Pinkette and LaBrainne!

A bit late to the plate this week! Sorry! I will make amends next week- already have the work on hand and then some.
For this week, a combination of old and new work. All in one piece!
This page was done for the transsexual politics journal, TNT NEWS, in 1995.

This page is a response to a news story. A study was done that showed the hypothalamus of post-op MtF transsexuals had characteristics similar to those of genetic females, lending credence to the condition having a genetic component.
The editor was taken to task by an acquaintance for publishing this page. Seems the acquaintance saw it as being in favor of animal experimentation! That's certainly not the intent, any more than that was the intent in the great original Pinky & the Brain cartoons.
The color was added in the last couple days. I went way over the top with it to try to emulate the mania of the TV series.
Next week, either the sketches I have ready to go, the next page of A Private Myth (in progress) or a tribute page for Al Williamson (also in progress).