Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Original Art Sundays #76 (late): Art like it's 1994!

One original art post after this one and I'm current again,
I know these deadlines are self-imposed and arbitrary. I also know that making them public in any way carries a measure of responsibility.
In sorting some books for Ebay sales, I found a calendar I made for my Mother in 1994. It consists of sketchbook pieces and work completed during my two years of Commercial Art education (1989 - 1991).
I cringe at some of it now, but there are some pieces that still have a charm, I think.
I was really getting into pencil when this one happened. I had a couple little statues- one pewter, and one bronze, and I just came up with a playful composition. Not so much into the fairies and dragons these days, but no harm.

Yow, look how that text baseline jumps! This was done for a class teaching now-obsolete production art skills.

This was a sketchbook swipe of a Maxfield Parrish painting. I still revere Parrish, but I've not paid much attention to him over the last few years. This is more interesting to me now for its texture than any other aspect.

This was intended as spot illustration for a book ad. Another class project. I loved this one, but nobody else seemed to. In retrospect, the clothing and hair are wrong for the era of the book. The girl is based on Simone Simon, star of the original Cat People, as well as the incubus in The Devil and Daniel Webster, one of my favorite films. She has an elusive beauty that always appealed to me.

Another piece intended for commercial use. I was getting pretty good at stipple for a while. I go back to it every now and then.

Lots of technical issues with this piece, but I do so love its attitude!
A lot of artists wince at the thought of old works, but I feel about old work much as I do old lovers. Looking back can help you understand some things, provided you don't spend too much time doing it, and you may find they still have something to teach you.
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