Sunday, April 24, 2011

Original Art Sundays #89: A Private Myth, p. 23

Well, the page is done, but due to Easter Sunday, I do not have scanner access for a day or two.
Have faith.
Here we go. First, I've corrected the numbering. Again!
There are 9 pages left to the first chapter, which should leave it completed around the end of 2011, if all goes well.

There are a couple visual devices here I really like. The "ice panel" is an old favorite, and I like it here better than any use of it I've made in the past.
I'm also tickled by the reflections in the floor, a device I last used in 1999, in a story I'll reprint one day.
My primary concern now is pacing.
While this is largely a story about ideas, it's also a story about people. It's been a bit of a chatty narrative for the last few pages, interspersed with some quiet action.
In fairness, some of my favorite stories work that way,
But things are going to start happening at an accelerated rate.
Unless I plan to expand Chapter 1 to 40 pages (a possibility yet to be ruled out), a lot has to happen in the next 9 pages to keep the story on track.
Next Sunday (day after tomorrow): an oddment.