Sunday, April 4, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 36: A Private Myth, p. 9

After taking time at PCA to present a paper on the wonders of Concrete, I am delighted to post the next page in this story.

Mostly happy with this one. It advances the narrative, the backgrounds are adequate, and it does some interesting things with the light. Not as successful as I hoped, but better than I thought when I finished it!
At PCA, I discovered that there are more people reading this than I had thought. I'm grateful for that, and hope to post stuff that's worth your time.
I will post more on the wonders of PCA on Tuesday, after I've dispensed with my primary teaching duties for the week and am no longer trying to type with a purring cat on my breast.
Next week, page 10 or a photo with some surprising aspects.