Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wonder Woman vs. The Catholic Church!

Seeing this strip on The Comics Curmudgeon bought a few things to mind.
First, Tom Batuik used a cover from the recent Gail Simone run, rather than digging into the hoary 50s and 60s covers.
Second, the strip makes a profound point about the social significance of comics, then turns around and (at least partially) undermines it with the old saw that there are more useful ways to spend one's time (books on Galileo and Copernicus referenced).
Mind, I've no truck with Galileo and Copernicus. One of my favorite It's A Beautiful Day songs is based on Galileo, and I share a birthday with Copernicus. Their ideas and lives are kinda cool too, apart from the pop culture references.
But I don't think that raising the significance of Wonder Woman to the level of these two diminishes any of them.