Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a miscellany: Spider-Man Meets 'mazing man!

The contest is still going! Let's have your comments!
After a day filled with minor irritations and a few positive notes, I decided to unwind.
It's Photoshop time!
Once again, inspired by Rob's blog, I'm posting a cover composite.
This one features Marvel Team-up, the book that spotlighted Spider-Man in various teams. Here. I've matched him with one of my favorite zany populist heroes, 'mazing man!


The balance is a little off, but then, so are both heroes.
There's an odd aspect to Ditko's work, and I find its charm in keeping with the 'mazing man character.
This is just a fun thing. Unless the current class and Spring Con eat all my time, look for the promised page of A Private Myth this Sunday!