Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Original Art Sundays No. 165: Surrealist Cowgirls, p. 21

Only a few pages left to this story, as we come up on our fight scene, page one. One of the only pages in the story to not feature any of its main characters. Don't worry, Kay Seurat-Seurat and the Cowgirls will reappear very, VERY soon!
But for right now, the story demands that, in the words of J. Wellington Wimpy, "Let's you and him fight."
Again, a lot I like here. The energy, the economy of dialogue, the layout, and the last line is, of course, stolen from Superman's classic line when he was hit by lightning.

I wanted this page to be raw energy, hence the sparse background in the action panel. It also gave me an excuse to play with manga action lines. I seldom use manga conventions in my work (at least consciously), but as I've been reading more in preparation for this year's SGMS conference, it seems to have been on my mind.
The way this is flowing, I seem to be actually keeping my self-imposed schedule.
This matters for two reasons:
1. It's better for my mental health, my morale.
2. It helps build a readership. I hope people like the work, I hope they enjoy it and get something out of it. But none of that will happen if the work's not there. I get it that a reader wants to know what to expect, and delivering on a regular schedule is a crucial part of that. Really, it's just good business and good manners.
That said, I hope I can maintain the pace through the end of this story!
What after that?
Possibly back to A Private Myth, or another Cowgirls story, or....