Sunday, May 2, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 39: The Street Giveth, p. 7

Interrupted once again by excessive work load. New page is laid out and ready for pencils, but I'm thinking a lot about notions or repetition as narrative devices after watching the documentary on Jeff Smith's Bone last night.
At any rate, here's a page from another uncompleted work. This one, The Street Giveth and The Street Taketh Away, is a meditation on urban life and fear.
Addendum: after talking to a reader who didn't get the page out of context, I need to supply the information that this is based on the true story of 11- year old Tyesha Edwards. She was shot and killed by gang fire in a drive-by shooting outside her house. She was sitting inside the house at the time.

This work, based on a minor incident in my life seen in relation to this large incident in the life of the community, exists as 2/3 art and 1/3 script, and was printed in a small run in that format. It's on my "must finish this" pile.
Next week, as my Comics History class comes to a close and my other job finds its place in my life, more of A Private Myth.