Friday, May 28, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 42b: A Private Myth, p. 12

I glanced at some past pages right after I scanned this, and I can't believe I've strayed so far off-model lately!
I will be more careful of such things in future pages, and will go back and correct before going to dead-tree format.
That's a misnomer, by the way. Very little paper actually comes from trees. Low cellulose compared to other plant fibers.

Ah, the big reveal.
It's that poignant moment when you're stripped bare in front of someone you care about and your deepest secret, the thing about you that makes you most vulnerable, is suddenly in that person's charge.
Wendy Pini called it a "soul name" in Elfquest.
Careful- the link will howl and rattle at you!