Sunday, February 27, 2011

Original Art Sundays #82: A Private Myth, p. 20

Delighted to get this one out there!
I need to fight the temptation to jump to my comfortable brush tip markers. A good rich black from pen and ink or crowquill would yield a richer result, without having to pump levels.
This page owes a great debt to Dick Giordano's classic Batman story No Hope in Crime Alley.
The visual device is also used on an inner page to advance the narrative. Like I said, classic bordering on iconic.
I debated actually trying to drop some heavier blacks around our heroine to reinforce the homage, but decided that it was a late afternoon scene and that was that.
I now have a bunch more Tranny Towers pages, one more page of Surrealist Cowgirls and quite a few oddities ready to go, so barring illness or accident, I remain good to go for Original Art Sundays for a while now.
Next week: hmm...