Monday, June 29, 2009

Pride and other holidays

Yesterday was swamped!
Final performance of the season with Trans Voices Chorus, followed by a nice brunch with that great bunch of folks, a delightful afternoon at Pride with my ex, Jennifer (who came in from Eau Claire with a bus load of folks. Finally, the wrap party for the video shot during the first session of SES.
More on SES later.
I'd like to offer an insight on Pride.
I didn't come up with this, one of the other members of the Choir did.
But I think it's perfect.
Pride is over commercialized, full of bright colors and joy, has become ritualized, and is full of people in your life that you only see once a year.
Just like Christmas.
That said, I was struck by the changes over the years. The addition of B and T to G and L (strangely absent from the actual content of the History Center exhibit!), the incredible freedom of the new generation, and a singing at a church service that preached tolerance, almost a Bizarro version of the world I grew up in, in a very good way!
The above photo is a quiet Pride moment at the Loring Park dandelion fountain, waiting for jenny and just hanging with a few folks.