Sunday, January 3, 2010

Original Art Sundays, No. 23: A Private Myth, p. 1

Every now and then, I attempt a Magnum Opus, usually in comics form. My last one was a graphic novel about transsexual life (whatever that is) called Transcending.  I got the whole thing plotted and got about 20 pages into it when I ran out of steam.  Some of those pages have been posted in other locations a couple years ago (by me).
My most recent attempt was a screenplay that I wrote a couple years ago titled Private Myths.  I let a few people read it, but not much happened with it. As is my way, I was not particularly agressive in pursuing its marketing.
I toyed with  making it into a novel, pursuing a production company (I'm not all that connected but I do know a couple people), and getting a decent video camera and trying to film it myself.
I tweaked the title to A Private Myth. Then I threw the first page up on the board.
I completed page 1 in just a few days, and it stayed there for several months. Yesterday I moved on to the next page, and hope to use this forum as an excuse to prod myself to finish it, slowly, slowly, a page a week. 
This first page is from a digital photo, not a scan. It needs a few tweaks and tweakettes, which will be made in a couple weeks.

The storyline will not be apparent for the first few pages. But have faith. There's love, passion, magical realism, maybe mental illness, farming, dogs and cats, and lesbians. 
What more could you ask?
The title comes from Joseph Campbell:

Dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams....


Top 10 Comics of 2009: # 8: Black Jack Book 3, hardcover

It's more than a bit disingenuous to cite a work done more than 30 years ago as the best of last year, but Vizion's reprint of this fine series is, to many of us Gaijin, new work.
This is the first time Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack has been reprinted in its entirety. I believe 24 volumes are planned, a worthy companion to Dark Horse's Astro Boy series from a few years back. The first three books are distinguished by having hardcover editions (long out of print, sorry) containing material not reprinted elsewhere in the series. Hence, the choice of book 3 as a best of- I think they're on Book 8 now. I'm a bit behind!

As the cover implies, this series deals with medicine. The title character is a rogue doctor who freelances without a license for exorbitant fees, and who sometimes declines a case if it conflicts with his own morality. His back story is a mystery, revealed in dribs and drabs. Reminds me of some of the things I like about HOUSE.
Black Jack is action driven, soulful, and gives answers that pose new questions.
Tezuka cited this as his best work and his favorite. While I prefer his Phoenix saga, this work is on the same level.
Tomorrow: #7, all love and power, Brother!