Monday, February 1, 2010

Original Art sundays Amendment: repost of yesterday's page

Okay, made some corrections, saved that "happy accident" (thanks for the fun comment, I get so few!) in Tier 2.
I'm planning on pushing the detail in the originals from here on out rather than fight with digital equipment to get what I want. I know what to do with Photoshop and all that, but it's much more direct to put it into the inks to start with.
It also feels more real.
I elected to not re-ink the borders in Photoshop and not to re-letter digitally this time. I'm happy with the outcome and hope it suits the final product.
On the issue of nudity: I once had S. Clay Wilson playfully accuse me of being timid with my rendering of body parts. Not necessarily so. I think titillation is much more effective than outright bawdiness in most circumstances. Look at the distinctions between pinup art and hardcore porn.
I'd rather be invited somewhere than dared to come in.