Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Original Art Sundays (Wednesday) No. 98: Tranny Towers, Chapter 19

Before I present the work, a big mea culpa.
I know this is way late, but a moment, if you will.
Just under two weeks ago, my housemate informed me that she needed to move her ailing mother into the house, so I would need to find another place to live. She gave me a reasonable time, but what with turning cats over for adoption (sob), work picking up on my current job and with  new teaching jobs about to start, and with the mania of looking for a place (and looking for the money to move!), I've not had time to post art, let alone make any.
Until the situation settles, I will be posting previously unpublished inventory.
I will skip No. 100 in my numbering and come back to it. I still have a very specific piece in mind for that.
So while the dust is flying, please enjoy another episode of Tranny Towers.
This is one strip where I fear I may have gone too far. Full frontal pre-op TS nudity is more than some people can handle, even in cartoon critters. It's also more than I'm usually comfortable with. Many of us are very private people, and constantly juggle the need for self-expression with the desire for privacy.
Rick's thought balloon is a swipe from a Bode' Cheech Wizard strip, in which Cheech is attempting to escape from a horny nymphet, and thinks "I'll tell her I got to go throw up in the bushes, then I'll make a run for it."
But I thought the art show was a great vehicle for exploring different aspects of the characters.
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