Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orriginal Art Sundays # 47: A Decade of Drawings

For today, three pieces scattered over a decade.
First, the one everyone's done, the self-portrait at the drawing table.

Everybody's done one of these. My favorite is by Charles Vess.
Next up, a museum sketch I rather liked.

Finally, a cat!
I did this as a Sumi-E technique peice for a Haiku class I took as part of my Master's program.
This was part of a book I did a Japanese stab binding of. In the book, the cat disappears, a line per page, each word of the Haiku is added on the new page.

Since the first session of SES has ended, I hope to have time to do a proper page for A Private Myth this week! Wish me luck!