Sunday, February 14, 2010

Original Art Sundays, No. 29: Number nine, number nine....

The next page of A Private Myth is still on the drawing board, but finally ready to ink.
Really tight pencils and a good layout. Happy with it.
Just not ready to post yet.
Many of the delays are due to time spent prepping papers for presentation and publication, alliteration unintentional but kind of fun.
However, I do have new work to post.
Neil Gaiman announced the 9th Anniversary of his blog. I'm not going to bother posting a link since I link to his blog elsewhere on this site anyway.
However, Neil requested images of congratulations that incorporate the number nine.
Thanks to my camera (not much point in saying "digital" any more, is there? That's pretty much all there is now.) and Photoshop, I came up with and posted this image.

8 Gaiman books and me. That's 9. Also, the books form a nine. Pretty on the nose, but fun to do, and a nice diversion from a page that's taking way longer than it ought. 
More soon.