Sunday, September 5, 2010

Original Art Sundays #56 (late) : A Private Myth, p. 16

Wow,  a while week late! Unacceptable! I'll do an extra post this week to compensate.
Here's the next page of A Private Myth.
I'm really enjoying the pencil and straight to scan thing.

the shot-reverse shot in the center tier is working pretty well by my lights.
Borders have gone the way of all flesh on this page. That's OK for these dreamy, introspective pages. But to advance the story with real action scenes, you need borders and gutters to control pacing.
I elected to use a mask to allow some of the local color of the paper to show through. I have mixed feelings about the effect, but it's in keeping with the loose sketchy quality I like most about my work.
Next: the plot thickens.