Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Art Sundays revisited: #88: oddment: sumi-e and haiku

Got a very pleasant e-mail from a talented gent, Jordan O'Leary.
He's starting a new blog to chronicle his new adventure, living in Japan.
To that end, he's requested use of part of one of my Sumi-e images in his blog's masthead.
Of course, I agreed.
We had a brief but delightful email chat about Buddhism and Sumi-e and this and that, and then I saw, with great pleasure, his use of my piece.
Here's his work with my work.

I find his documentation of this adventure very exciting, and I am happy to cross-link to his blog here. It will be added to the blogs on the left side, and I eagerly anticipate updates.
Happy adventuring, Jordan!