Sunday, May 1, 2011

Original Art Sundays No. 90: Oddment: NY Photos, 2009

Once again, resuming the rotation:
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This week's oddment: photos taken at the 2009 GORGG!
We took a boat tour of the city, from whence comes this odd little panorama.

The distortion caused by the action used in Photoshop to merge the seven images that created this one is both charming and a tad annoying.
The boat tour itself was unexpected, a revelation. 
This is a panoramic view of Harlem from the harbors. As hinted above, the buildings really do stand up straight!
I also caught this shot of friendly dock workers!

I love this. I love the depth of field, I love that the image is so complex and yet so clear in its subject matter. Most of all, I love the attitude. For some reason, I'm very good at getting positive response from subjects in candid shots. I've known many less fortunate in that area!
On our way back to the train to Connecticut, one of the locals in our cadre suggested we stop at Times Square. Not thinking anything of it, I turned a corner and saw this.

Oh my Lord.
Day for night indeed!
Loud, tacky, opulent and elegant all at the same time.
We saw a small jazz combo playing afront a backlighted staircase. People were dancing. Everyone was free, and nothing could hurt us.
It seemed to me to be New York at its best.
This is the underside of the backlit staircase.

In two very short visits a decade apart,  I've developed a passion for New York.
I don't know when I'll go back.
But I know I will.
Next: more Tranny Towers.