Sunday, June 12, 2016

Original Art Sundays No. 237: Estrogen and Dental Hygiene

Back after a couple weeks of regrouping.
This is NOT the next page of the Curt story, but a one-pager that comes a bit earlier in Sharp Invitations. I'm almost done with the next continuity page, but I'm tired of keeping people waiting, so here's a nice little bit. In light of today's news from Florida, I suspect we could all use a lighter moment, anyway.
This was a fun day. After the unexpected discovery that I had real boobs (but still not quite to size!), I spent several days smiling at everyone! I've talked in confidence with some - what's the right term now? women-born women? Natural girls? I called them "real tuna" once and invoked the ire of a good friend- anyway, she told me that she had a similar moment at about 11 years old.
Tools: printer paper, #2 pencil, ballpoint pen and eraser. This was another of those quick pages I dashed out to keep momentum. I need to do more of these, both for the content and to keep motivated.
Next: More Curt.