Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bring on Da Funk!

Amendment to my own myopia: I just noticed that the dude reading Wonder Woman (previous entry) is also the dude reminiscing abut Copernicus and Galileo books. Therefore, the strip should be read as a testament to the versatility of comic readers, not as a slam on their tastes.
The more I read about this strip, the more I realize that something wonderful has been going on while I wasn't looking.
Also, doing a little digging, while I wasn't looking,I discovered that Funky Winkerbean took a page out of the Gasoline Alley book and aged its characters real-time.
And the comic book store they're chatting in in the Wonder Woman strip was later charged with dealing in obscene manga, resulting in part in the above exchange in court.
Sadly, this is a reflection of real life for some creators, dealers and collectors.
Which is why I've been a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for the last 8 years.