Sunday, August 28, 2011

Original Art Sundays (Thursday) No. 101: oddments: Failure and Ganymede

Skipping No. 100, as previously threatened.
Work on the move continues apace. Had a big and fairly successful yard sale yesterday. Will post some photos and thoughts on the issue of Stuff. Lots of fun talking comics with people!
As such, little time for the drawing board or the sketchbook this week. I've not forgotten about A Private Myth, or my sweeties, The Surrealist Cowgirls. Their day will come again.
Meanwhile, more inventory art.
A couple fun pieces that I'm pretty sure I haven't posted yet.

This was done as a self-portrait for an anthology of MCAD student and alum work that never saw print. I'll post the story I did for it soon. It's a fun, bitter little story.
The self-deprecating aspect of this is still kinda charming to me, but also a bit annoying now. I get it that every artist has to work through this insecurity concerning their work repeatedly, but the time it takes to work through it should grow shorter as your skills evolve. That's been my experience anyway.
And a more serious piece...

This was done on a museum outing with some of my drawing students. It's mostly successful, but that foot- yeesh!
I would have liked to push the values farther as well.
Next week- well, we'll see. New classes start tomorrow and I'm still in the throes of the move, so there's going to be SOMETHING here....hmm....
Meanwhile, thanks for your reading loyalty during these hectic times!