Sunday, June 26, 2011

Original Art Sundays No. 92: oddment: Gnidrolog pastels

Back in the saddle with Original Art Sundays! Starting the rotation afresh rather than entering the quagmire of rescheduling.
My apologies to the faithful.
In raking my studio this week, I found a reproduction of a commission I did in the 1990s. The band Gnidrolog asked me to do a poster for a series of festival appearances they had planned as part of the tour for their comeback album, GNOSIS (scroll down a bit at the link for an album review).
That poster is presented here.

The original, and the poster itself, were 11" x 17", and it sold fairly well. The media  are pastel and Doc Martin's dyes, with a bit of Winsor & Newton colored ink here and there.
What works: the sultry sprite in the tree juggling the band name, the face of the founding member in the tree trunk.
What doesn't work: the placement of the band members! No way a group could march in that tight a formation with any grace, at least not prog-rock musicians in the throes of performance!
Ah well. I was mostly happy, the client was happy, and seeing it again has renewed my interest in pastels.
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