Sunday, January 31, 2010

Original Art Sundays, No. 27: A Private Myth, p. 5

The scanner was not my friend today. All those lovely drybrush notes - gone.
Panel one is barely legible. Shame, that,  as the art turned out rather well!I was so enjoying the inking process this time.
I will rescan and repost tomorrow, but I wanted to stay on track with my self-imposed deadline, so am posting now. I'd run back and do it now, but I have other deadlines to consider.

There are several things about this page I really like. The feeling of our as-yet unnamed heroine (I know what her name is, we just haven't gotten there yet) being trapped and isolated in the last panel is quite compelling. The open panel center page is clean, and I love the way panel 3 turned out. The tone on panel 3 is a scanner artifact, but I might keep it. Trying to lose it drops the drybrush tones off her temple, and I think it works with the mood of the panel.
Relettered in Photoshop except for panels 2 and 6.
In terms of narrative, this serves to reinforce the point that lesbian and gay relationships are no easier than straight ones.
Again, a better version tomorrow.