Sunday, April 7, 2013

Original Art Sundays no. 152: oddment: atsa my girl!

Next Surrealist Cowgirls page is on the boards, roughed out and half penciled.
Meanwhile, here's a VERY old airbrush piece. Yeah, that's right, traditional airbrush.
This piece was inspired by my fascination with that most surreal of bands, The Residents.
I always liked this one, even though it was not without its flaws. I could have popped more highlights to round the eyeballs, and some veins, and another layer to the cityscape would have increased the piece's depth.
The grays ran to the red in the scan, but I was able to fix a lot of it.
Still, a fun, fairly successful piece.
Next week, back to the Cowgirls.
Here's a Residents video to round things out: