Sunday, March 28, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 35: PortuGGuese panorama

The good new is that the next page of A PRIVATE MYTH is complete.
The bad news is that I will not be able to post it till next week. Once again, scanner access is not our friend.
Offered as a placeholder: a panorama of shots from the Portugal Jam at GORGG.
This jam was particularly rough, as it had only been a couple days since one of our members, Joerg Weinert, died unexpectedly in the middle of the event.
However, the boys in the band rose to the occasion. While not a full on Gentle Giant reunion (there will never be one), this shot does contain three members of that elusive ensemble.
From right to left, then:
Pierre (mon ami) Bordeleau, guitar
Malcom Mortimore (drummer, Three Friends) skins
Gary Green, guitar
Kerry Minnear, bass
Fred Rosenkamp, guitar
Gary Green again (ah, the miracle of the panorama!), guitar
the illustrious Dan Bornemark, keyboards
Technical: Shots taken on indoor setting and stitched using the automatic option in PS CS3.
Cropped to even, minor patching with clone stamp and a texture overlay of canvas.
I'm mad for the auto correct options in the forthcoming CS5, which would have neatly solved that sloppy patch job in the upper right corner.
And here's a sketch I did of Joerg the day he died. This was posted on the PortuGORGG bulletin board, and was included in the materiel sent to Joerg's widow and children.

The text reads, "Thanks for coming, Joerg! See you at the reunion concert!
Love, Diana & the GORGG gang"