Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Academic!

My students' final projects in one course are due this weekend. I have quizzes and online posts to grade in a different course at a different school. I am preparing ,career-wise and emotionally, for not having a course to teach at my favorite institution this fall.
I was sent a link to this blog post on adjuncting, which I found quote useful.
With all this, I've been musing a great deal of late about the significance of adjunct teaching in general, and my role in it in particular.
On the one hand, after close to a decade of adjunct teaching, most of it at an institution that does not seem to value my work, and being denied a position (at least for now) at my favorite place to teach, I have to fight to keep heart.
However, my other school had a graduation ceremony last night. I missed most of it due to lousy directions, but did arrive in time to talk to my students who graduated. One of them told me the only reason he came was to thank me and one other teacher for giving him something worthwhile.
Kinda warms your heart.
Well, I must get to work on my paper for San Diego.
Right after Justice League!