Sunday, March 6, 2011

Original Art Sundays #82: oddments: Elvis Has Eaten the Building

I'm going to try a fresh rotation.
An oddment (something outside the storylines, a fun piece), followed by
A Tranny Towers page, followed by
A Surrealist Cowgirls page, followed by
A Private Myth page.
This will serve to give me time to do the work. This is especially significant as regards A Private Myth. The emotional aspects of those pages really take their toll, and balancing them with lighter fare will do my head good.
Today's oddment is from Ink Tantrums No. 1, my first self-published comic circa 1994. It's a silly little page. Had the idea, banged it out using some shoddy tools, one of the more fun pages I've ever done.

The Elvis jokes had become the rage again in the early 90s for some reason, and my Gamera fascination played against the HHH Metrodome was- oh, what the hell, I was just being silly.
Great fun to draw this one!
This was after Commercial Art school, but before MCAD.
Next week: Tranny Towers.

Happy Birthday, Will Eisner!

Just a very quick post.
If you don't know who Will Eisner was, you're reading the wrong blog.
Suffice to say that comics would not be what they are today without him.
Instead of going into some long elaborate theoretical diatribe, as is my way, I'll let today's Google search logo do my talking for me!