Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Adventure of the Bass of Doom

I'm not a big Metallica fan. And I revere the talent of Jaco Pastorius.
So the final answer to the mystery of Jaco's long lost bass, called The Bass of Doom by acolytes, was a surprise to me.
Seems Metallica's Robert Trujillo is also a Jaco devotee, and has been working unceasingly and generously to solve this puzzle and do right by Jaco's family along the way.
It's easy to pigeonhole people. This guy plays bass in a metal band, therefore he's nothing but a shallow party rocker type.  Just because it's harder for me to see craft and devotion, let alone scope, in the works of artists I don't follow doesn't mean those qualities are lacking.
A different kind of myopia on my part.
Big thanks to Robert Trujillo. There may be something in your music I've neglected. Based on your actions, I will give your work another chance.
Meanwhile, here's a nice taste of Jaco to make everyone's day!

There now. Doesn't that feel better?