Sunday, September 26, 2010

Original Art Sundays #59 (late) : A Private Myth, p. 17

Page done a week ago! My sincere apologies for not posting sooner!
I will make amends with this week's art post later tonight.
In this page, the story continues but the tone shifts. We've been alternating between bedroom scenes, fights, and mystery.
Well, the mystery is still there, but I felt like I needed something lighter. And if I felt like that, how must Catherine and her lover feel? 
Please click on the image and read the page at full size for greatest enjoyment!
 The plot thickens, in a quiet sort of way.
Well, this is a very quiet story.
Again, elected to use the local color of the board as a value of gray to give the figures a bit of weight. Also breaking the girls out of that apartment. So far we've seen Catherine's apartment building and her lover's office break room. Time for a change of scenery, which will hit you in the face on the next page of the story!
The puzzle pieces in panel 5 were an afterthought, but I think they're just clever enough, bordering on too clever.
Wrestling with issues related to the lettering. I do like my hand lettering just fine, but the digital lettering is so much faster and cleaner. Wrestling with finding an apropos font.
Also regaining my fondness for inks. Pencils as finals can be very effective - see Gene Colan's Ragamuffins as a case in point- but there are times when working with ink is like cuss words, in that nothing else will serve.