Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Melismatics and SES 1

I've learned from past experience that if I don't post these ASAP, they might go away.
Here's the video from this year's SES Session I. I had absolutely no involvement in the production this year, but the work was largely done by the session students, and I had the lot of them in my class, so I take a measure of pride in their accomplishments anyway.

The TRON theme is consistent with the 80s feel of the tune (at least to me), and works fairly well. Melismatics are a fun local band, not really my speed, but I'd see them if the opportunity arose again.
AS for SES, I have mixed feelings this year. While it always rejuvenates me, this year was also exhausting, more so than some past years. There are some internal changes in the program that cause me concern. I won't elaborate out of professionalism. But I do need to think about what these changes mean, and I picked up a nasty bug right after the animation show of SES II, that kind of soured me on the overall experience.
However, I did get to do some innovative teaching, including giving an assignment I'd never given before that yielded some great results.
Very satisfied with that.
And the enthusiasm of the students, much like the Shawn concert, reminds me of possibility when I need such reminders most.
I'm going to mull this all over a while. I have until March to decide if I'm doing it again in 2011. If I do, it will be my 12th year working SES, and with multiple sessions starting 6 years ago, my 18th and 19th SES sessions.
At 30- 50 students per session, that's a LOT of kids!
And they wonder why I don't remember all their names....