Monday, April 11, 2011

Original Art Sundays(Monday) #87: Surrealist Cowgirls, it does this, p. 5

Now this page excites me.
The first new page of this story in more than 12 years.
It's interesting how much I learned in that time, and how much I've forgotten. Having done a whole Cowgirls story for 24 hour comic day really let me know a bit more about the characters.
Let me correct that. I knew it, but that story helped me codify it.
That story was originally intended as a Q. Gordyn Babcock story, but he became a side character.
The page.
Very happy with this one, or as Whalemule might say, happy.
A new character is alluded to, possibly two, if you count the snail.
The landscape is inspired by penman Harrison Cady. While primarily known for his moralistic children's illustrations and their flights of fancy, his work incorporated rambling labyrinthine panoramic landscapes that led the viewer in a deliberate path.

Tomorrow: an oddment.
Next Sunday: a Tranny Towers page, and we're back on schedule!
Well, for now, knock wood.