Tuesday, April 28, 2009

34- 35 years of three octaves: Shawn Phillips!

In 1975, my then-girlfriend sat me down and slammed some headphones on me, and simply said "shut up and listen."
That was my first exposure to Shawn Phillips.
Decades and seventeen albums later....
I will be seeing Shawn perform at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis on Monday, May 4. It will be my 15th Shawn concert.
I could tell you about Shawn's phenomenal career, his compositional acumen, his passion in performing, his intelligent and articulate lyrics, his profound love of humanity despite itself, his engaging smile, or his three-octave voice.
But I think I'll let him speak for himself.

All ages blogging

Since I'll have very little to say here that's overtly sexual, and will be probably be dealing with that from a largely academic perspective, I'd decided that there's no real need for an "adults only" disclaimer here.