Saturday, September 11, 2010

Original Art Sundays #57 (late) : A Private Myth, the show

Just a quick note that nine pages of A Private Myth, along with the cover, are being shown at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design's Faculty Art Show.
I had a couple friends from outside my MCAD world show up briefly at tonight's opening, and saw some people I used to work with at my previous college, along with many of the usual crowd from MCAD.
Also had a wonderful and unexpected talk with gallery curator Kerry Morgan about the prospects of an upcoming show we hope to have MCAD host. But I don't want to speak out of turn so I'll stop there.
Had a great chat with former student Charles Priceabout fencing and his father the attorney, and talked a bit about Rodrigo y Gabriela with my pal, fellow prog music hound and former Photoshop teacher Rik Sferra, who introduced me to R & G's great music. I was delighted to talk shop with fellow comics teacher Jim Keefe, whose work on Flash Gordon was also on display.
Jim was nice enough to indulge me and take a quick shot of me with the work.
When I first saw this shot, I thought, oh my Lord, I'm a wall. After doing some levels corrections in Photoshop, I was pleasantly surprised- I didn't think I looked that good!
I know, this isn't really new work. It's kind of cheating to use this as Original Art Sundays, especially on a Friday.
But hey, I don't show that often so it's sort of a big deal to me, even being one of many in the show.
Also, seeing the work in different contexts than originals in my grubby mitts or scans posted here allows a fresh perspective. I see different things in the work in this context, both good and bad. This gives me a fresh eye for upcoming pages.
The really weird thing was that my work ended up in the exact same spot where I had my BFA exhibition back in 1999. You've come a long way, baby....

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