Sunday, May 9, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 40a: The Street Giveth, cover, p. 3

The good news: the next page of A Private Myth is completed.
The bad news: I will not post it till tomorrow or Tuesday, as my students need my attention tonight. They're taking online exams, writing papers and wrapping up discussion boards in my Comic Book History class.
To tide you over for a couple days, here are some earlier pages of The Street Giveth, The Street Taketh Away. I'm offering the cover and p. 3.

My energy was way up for these, along with my confidence. The script for the second half of the book needs minor revisions, and the art for some of the early pages needs tightening, but overall I'm quite happy with this work.
New page of A Private Myth in a couple days!

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