Sunday, April 18, 2010

Original Art Sundays # 38: Sheltering the Taste

I know you were expecting a new page. And there's one on the board, the research is done, and the layout is solid.
But this is a minor occasion.
This week marks the one year anniversary of this blog.
To celebrate, I've taken one of my guitar pieces, Sheltering the Taste, and made a small video of it, using images posted here since we began.
The title comes from the two pieces that comprise this work, Gentle Giant's Acquiring the Taste and Sky's Keep Me Safe and Warm and Shelter Me From Darkness, the piece I played at my niece Jessica's wedding.

Back next week with the next page of A Private Myth.
Until then, may life be kind to you!
Actually, life should be kind to you even after next week....

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